Brentwood Elementary

Our School

Brentwood Elementary is neighborhood community school that is proud of our traditions and excited about our future.  Brentwood prides itself in being an inclusive and inviting community for all students and seeks to nurture the brilliance and beauty in all learners.  

Brentwood Elementary is nestled in the Brentwood neighborhood and is located at 6703 Yates Ave.  Our student population is 608 students in grades Pre-K to Fifth Grade. Our academic programs at Brentwood include a Social and Emotional Learning, and the Creative Learning Initiative.  Brentwood also services five special education units on our campus which include Auditory Impairment, Resource, and  SCORES.  

The school mascot at Brentwood is the Bulldog and our school colors are blue and white.

Brentwood Bulldog pic coming soon!