Brentwood Elementary



Brentwood Librarians: 

Mrs. Kate Slaten

Mrs. Erin Tigelaar



How does my child check out books from the library?

Each class has a library day when the whole class will check out books.  

Tip:  Find out your child's library day and make sure library books are in their backback.  Students may not check out new books until they

        return the books that have been previously checked out.


Can I check out books for myself or a younger child?

Yes!  Ask the librarians about how you can sign up for a library card.  We have some adult books in our library as well as many board books for younger children.


What happens if we can't find a library book?

Let them know as soon as possible.  She will talk with you about fees for replacing books.


What is the birthday book club?

For $10, you can add a book to the library in honor of your child's birthday.  Ms. Slaten has a shelf of special birthday books, and students get to choose the book they wish to donate.  Each birthday book will have a nameplate with your child's name on it, and books are presented to your child's class before being put on the shelves.  Students love to find "their" books, and parents can feel excited about building the Brentwood school library.  You can make the donation at any time by stopping by the library.  You will get a receipt to bring in with your child when it is time to pick their book.  Students with summer birthdays pick out their books at the end of the school year.


What can I do to help out library?

Volunteers are needed to help with shelving books, assisting students with selecting and checking out books, and preparing new books to be added to the shelves.  Whether you have one hour to volunteer or three hours to volunteer, Brentwood will be very appreciative of your time.  Please email Ms. Slaten ( or call the library (512-414-4347).  


How does PTA raise money for the library?

Parents also support our library financially.  PTA holds three fundraisers for library books and equipment:  Scholastic Book Fairs (Fall & Spring) and the Used Book Sale (usually in March).  Brentwood's library keeps a portion of the sales from Scholastic Book Fairs as well as books from the sale to add to the library.  By purchasing books from the sales, you are supporting the Brentwood Library's mission of providing high quality books for students to access.  


The Used Book Sale is especially fun!  Families donate gently used books and volunteers sell them for as little as $0.25 for kids books and usually no more than $3.00 for adult books.  The goal is to get at least one book in the hands of every student at Brentwood.