Brentwood Elementary

Culture Fusion



Brentwood Elementary has a long history of supporting teaching and learning that addresses the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social needs of all learners.  Mrs. Katherine Williams-Carter served the school as principal for 33 years, and made it her life’s work to ensure that these core values guided the work of the school.  Under her leadership, the school adopted the Tribes model of fostering safe and caring environments in which students can thrive.  Tribes has played an integral role in the development of community on our campus, and continues to support the overall Social and Emotional learning of all students. 


In June 2016, six teachers came together for the purpose of creating a teacher handbook as a living document meant to guide teachers at Brentwood in the process of blending the initiative on our campus.  The team collected data from all stakeholders, and honored the desires of the community by preserving the Creative Learning Initiative, Lifeskills Agreements, Social and Emotional Learning, and Tribes Learning Communities.



AISD Social and Emotional Learning resources


PTA Presentation





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